Who is Alanatheweb3girl?
Alana is a virtual persona generated by her DAO. She was initially created by the original founder, Stella Achenbach, as a visualized format of the web3 Revolution.
As Stella learned more about web3 and its core values, she fell in love with the idea of Alana as a strong female representative for the web3 community. With the motivation of Digitalax (core partner at the time August 2021 - Februrary 2022) and the ongoing help of GDN members, she continued the work, and eventually, restructured Alana into a web3 Project up to the point of being run by contributors of Alana's DAO (registered but not in all areas yet established).
Alana's introduction NFT which was auchtioned off at Web3 Fashion Week 2021
After that resolution, Alanathweb3girl was reborn as a symbol and from there the journey continued by joining forces with a variety of digital designers
Right now the next phase has begun for Alana's DAO to truly establish a decentralized and autonomous workflow amongst all members and create the various revenue streams of the project. Essential to that mission is the Nucleus Team consisting of highly motivated individuals to bring the project to the next level.
Even though Alana celebrated her first birthday on the 21st of July, 2022 she has come a long way since her original creation. Alana's Mission and Alana's Branches will give more of an overview of what the project consists of in its detailed complexity.
Showing some of the collaborations during Alana's first year of existence.
"I’m here to guide you through the vastness that is the web3 revolution.
Through education I can bestow you with the knowledge that will empower you to realize your hopes and dreams."
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